7+ Places to Find Upcoming NFT Projects

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Looking for the best places to find upcoming NFT projects in 2021 and beyond? Here are a list of websites and channels for you!

After all, it can be difficult to find the good ones without having to do days upon days of searching. That’s why we’ve put together this curated list of resources to find them quickly and easily. We provide a list of many alternative options as well.

Whether you’re collecting for fun, the art, the business, or the community — this is an exciting and growing space that has a lot of interesting things happening.

Which is why it’s more important than ever to keep up!

1. Vee Friends Discord

This is easily one of the most popular tools for discovering new projects, especially if you’re a Discord addict.

The popular VeeFriends Discord from Gary Vaynerchuk himself is a great place to find new projects. You’ll find all kinds of announcements and giveaways.

Plus, it’s a strong community full of ongoing activity and discussion. If you like Gary Vee, this one will keep you entertained. Never a dull moment, and you don’t have to worry about running out of conversation here!

Vee Friends Discord

Looking for more Discord servers? You can also check out this other list of the top Discord servers for non-fungible tokens here.

2. New Drops

new non fungible tokens

New Drops is a comprehensive website for discovering great upcoming NFT projects and new drops.

It is updated daily with the latest collections spread across all blockchains, whether you primarily use Ethereum, Solana, or any other blockchain — you don’t have to choose just one.

In addition, it also includes guides, news, and giveaways — making it a one-stop-shop of sorts. There are a range of different collections featured on a regular basis.

All in all, it’s a major time-saver, especially if you are looking to have everything in one place!

3. The NFT Buzz channel

upcoming NFT projects

NFT Buzz is a YouTube channel for discovering and evaluating NFTs. In fact, it’s one of the main ones that is being updated consistently.

It’s updated every day and includes announcements and shout-outs for the latest projects.

If you’re looking for a channel that is consistent, this is it.

The videos are informative and to-the-point.

Overall, there is quite a range of different ones featured, and it’s easy to stay updated by turning on notifications for this channel to find more when they drop.

4. Twitter #NFTartists hashtag

This space is all about community and bonding with other creators and collectors. If you’ve been in this niche for a bit, then you know that people and community are a major part of it all.

Twitter is a centralized place for everybody to get together and support each other in this niche.

There are other platforms working on creating a space like this for collectors and artists, but so far Twitter is in the lead and it’s where a lot is happening.

Therefore, Twitter is a great place for checking out the latest releases, but you have to know which hashtags to search for.

Namely, the #NFTartists hashtag can be especially helpful.

Why is it so great?

It gives independent artists the chance to show their latest work, and the great ones will usually be discovered organically.

There are also giveaway posts that are pretty common, and another great way to find up-and-coming artists.

The more you interact and engage with new artists in this space, the more fun you will have. Who knows, you may even make some amazing friends and learn a few things in the process.

In addition, Twitter allegedly has plans to add collection verification in the future, which will help you integrate your collection and our profile simultaneously.

5. r/NFT subreddit

Maybe Discord or Twitter aren’t your jam, and you want a forum-style atmosphere to talk and read more on this subject.

Well then, you can’t go wrong with the NFT subreddit.

If you haven’t taken a look already, it’s definitely worth checking out.

In terms of numbers, it is full of over 230,000+ members already (many of them active), which I think speaks for itself.

The conversations are engaging and there is content being posted regularly. People are welcoming as well.

6. OpenSea

You probably already know that this is a marketplace for art on the Ethereum blockchain – but did you know that they also include a list of their recent launches and the performance of each?

As a leader in the Ethereum marketplace space, the other features on the site are helpful as well, if you haven’t already checked them out on the top navigation. Their other features can be quite helpful in narrowing down what you need to see.

The ranking tool is super helpful for discovering the best-performing collections.

In addition, they’re constantly making announcements on their website of new collections, as well as displaying upcoming ones.

So, if you’re a fan of the Ethereum blockchain, be sure and check out their list of new collections!

7. Rarity Tools

Rarity Tools is a website that lists the rarity of various collections. Collections can also integrate with this platform as well, making it useful for developers and creators.

The focus is primarily on the Ethereum blockchain.

Wrapping up the article

As we wrap up this article, I wanted to touch on a few points:

First, it’s no secret that this space is nascent and that information can be scattered.

So, it’s especially useful to have reliable websites and resources that are constantly being updated so that you have all of the most relevant information on the subject.

That’s where the ones on this list come come in handy, especially when you’re low on time!

Anyway, I hope this list has been helpful to you! In such a new and growing space, it’s important to have time-saving resources.

These sites and platforms are awesome ways to save time and get your daily dish of this exciting space.

Here’s to hoping you find some great new collections… and don’t forget those diamond hands!

Best of all, be sure to have fun and to enjoy the community and everything it has to offer.

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