Figma Material Design Web UI

This free Figma Material Design UI Kit was built to help save time and money by providing customizable templates for desktop, tablet, and mobile. They act as a foundation for your ideas!

With premade scalable components, this design system follows Google’s Material Design guidelines. It can help you build desktop screens with ease.

What will you find in this Google Material Design UI kit?

Many premade components are included, and all components follow design guidelines.

You will also find a premade web app screen which can be easily customized and built onto.

While you can build any sort of desktop screen with this kit, the included template is a web app dashboard which can be modified to suit your needs, and is a great example of what you can do with the Material Design elements on desktop.

In addition, you can create custom screens with Google Material Design components to help save you time.

That way, you can focus on the design and product without the headache.

Never worry again about the material design standards, as all of the components have been created for you!

All in all, the free version of this kit contains scalable elements to help save you time, making it perfect for small projects.

For larger projects, there is also a full version available with 1,500+ components which can also be purchased later.